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PLACES: J. Crew, Vancouver CANADA.

26 Apr

Listen up Vancouver! Yesterday the second Canadian location of J.Crew opened up on Robson St to the public.  Just under 6,000 sq. feet on Robson & Thurlow, J.Crew is the perfect addition to the well-known shopping street of beautiful Vancouver.  A bunch of our Vancouver INASL family (including our friends at KENTON Magazine) were in attendance at the launch party on Tuesday.  Doors were open to the public on Wednesday.  Guess where we will be going during our summer Vancouver visit?

J/Crew’s CEO sweats the small details (via Vancouver Sun)

In other J.Crew news, rumors about the Manolo Blahnik Fall 2012 collaboration has been confirmed not to be happening.  Waaa wa!  Even though Manolos were seen on the feet of the models for the J.Crew Fall 2012 presentation, a publicist for Blahnik citied there were wholesale production restraints, causing the collaboration to be a no-go.  Why, WHY would you tease us like that?? -annatfabulous:*

Photos courtesy of KENTON Magazine and


PLACES: Rasputin Russian Love Machine, Los Angeles USA.

25 Apr

We spent all  last weekend in Los Angeles, and oh emm gee…it was FILLED with glee!! (Was that gross?).  The weekend was PACKED with ridiculous moments, so much so, we’re STILL laughing about it!  Our LA family seriously knows how to hang (and look AMAZING doing it).  But before we get to all the nitty-gritty details, let’s take a moment and jump ahead to Saturday night.  For some of us, this was our first ever visit to RASPUTIN: RUSSIAN LOVE MACHINE. Rasputin was probably the CUTEST party we have ever been to in Los Angeles.  Boys, girls, trans, sparkles, drama and glamour wrapped in one well-heeled, size 0 package.  It was FIERCE.  Rasputin is thrown by our lovely friends Luke Nero and Andres Rigal, who also put on Mr Black LA and Mr Black SF.  Rasputin happens every Saturday, so whatever you were planning on doing this weekend, CHANGE IT and go to Rasputin. TRUST. -annatfabulous :*

Anna T Fabulous, Scott and Tanya

Photos courtesy of Rasputin: Russian Love Machine

PLACES: Los Angeles!

20 Apr

We’re off to LA this weekend for some fun in the sun!! (Umm…was that cheesy?)  LISTEN UP LOS ANGELES FAMILY: the INASL team is returning!  Have a FABULOUS weekend everyone and see you next week! -annatfabulous :*

Photo via Anna T Fabulous’s Pinterest Page

PLACES: Rasputin- Russian Love Machine, Los Angeles USA.

19 Apr

You have DEFINITELY heard us talking about our good friends Andres Rigal and Luke Nero who bring us MR BLACK SAN FRANCISCO each month.  Now it’s time to go down to THEIR stomping grounds in LA to party and play at their weekly Saturday event RASPUTIN.  We are SO EXCITED to bring our cameras and fabulousness to see the LA Glitterati for ourselves!  Anna T Fabulous will out be in FULL EFFECT.  Come on down and say HI at 665 N. Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles this Saturday!  What will you be wearing?? -annatfabulous :*

PLACES: Duende, Oakland USA.

11 Apr

THIS is going to be huge.  THIS is Duende!! We are SO excited for the announcement of the new restaurant DUENDE, a collaboration between Chef Paul Canales and Ricco Somazzi, with their cohorts Tony Siress and Alex Vorbeck.

Taken straight from Duende’s website:

‘DUENDE Restaurant + Bar will be unpretentious and accessible and will encourage customers to enjoy visiting it weekly, or more often. Like duende the art concept, the aesthetic of DUENDE the restaurant will be cool, deep, heartfelt, and soulful.’

And if you remember us talking about Chef Paul last October, this statement is garentueed!  We’ll be following Duende as they prepare for their opening in the fall!  Stay tuned with I Need A Social Life for all the latest updates.  And CONGRATS Team Duende!! -annatfabulous :*

Follow Duende on Twitter

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Read Duende’s Blog

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PEOPLE: Jean Paul Gaultier at The Academy of Art University.

2 Apr

Oh, and you thought we were done talking about Jean Paul, didn’t you? 😉 While Jean Paul was in San Francisco for the launch of his exhibit, he made a stop over at The Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion. He conducted a brief lecture and did a tour of the Academy. The School of Fashion did a fabulous video of his lecture discussing his philosophy on design. Come back, Jean Paul, come back!! San Francisco needs you! -annatfabulous :*

Jean Paul Gaultier visits The Academy

Photos/video courtesy of

PLACES: The Stud, San Francisco USA.

26 Mar

The weekend began on Friday night at The Stud in SOMA.  Something Fridays at The Stud are ALWAYS a dragtastically good time, and this night was no exception.  With rumors SWIRLING that Jean-Paul Gaultier himself was going to make an appearance after his fabulous féte at the de Young Museum, the place was PACKED to the tits with the fun and fabulous.  While everyone waited with bated breath, we they gathered around the arts & crafts table, presented by Judd.  JPG did not end up coming down for the night, but Dita Von Teese and his assistant sure did!! Where will JPG be next? -annatfabulous :*  

**UPDATE!** Apparently JPG DID show up even later in the night and contributed to ‘Grandma’s Quilt!’  Thank you for the tip, Judd!  We’ll catch him next time!

PLACES: Brenda’s French Soul Food, San Francisco USA.

22 Mar

We’ve been to Brenda’s before, but we were WAY overdue for another visit.  Last weekend we took Mom to Brenda’s for lattes, beignets and watermelon iced tea.  All of which are MUST orders.  We were happy to see that Brenda’s has doubled in size and they now have a liquor license.  And judging by the hour-long wait, business is booming!  Don’t let the wait deter you, it’s an SF tradition to wait for your brunch, and it’s WORTH every second.  Just have a snack before you go!  Duh.  It’s almost the weekend, where are you going for brunch?  -annatabulous :*

Watermelon Iced Tea and the Beignet Flight.  If you don’t order these, then you’re a fool. 

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