2 May

Our brand new site THE SOCIAL LIFE is now live at!! We will be shutting down I Need A Social LIfe shortly, but you can still catch ALL of our fabulous posts from The Social Life from now until eternity!  THANK YOU for all the support and love you showed us over the past year and a half at INASL.  See you at TSL! -annatfabulous :*


29 Apr

I Need A Social LIfe is going to be taking a break for the next couple of days to prepare for something AMAZING on May 1!!

Don’t fret. we’ll be back in only TWO DAYS!

May 1 May 1 May 1!

I Need A Social Life Outfits of the Week!

28 Apr

Some SF, some LA, some close-up and far away!  -annatfabulous :*

jacket: Wilfred. blazer: Nasty Gal. shirt Talula Babaton. cuff: H&M. bag:  Celine. 

dress and cuff: H&M. shoes: Givenchy. clutch: Vintage.

shirt: Uniqlo. sweater: Prada. 

top: Alexander Wang. pants: H&M. bag: Celine. bag: Celine.  shoes: Vintage. 

pants: H&M. shirt: Talula Babaton. 

top: Uniqlo. pants: Zara. shoes:  Jil Sander Navy. purse: Vintage. 

top: Versace. pants:  H&M. shoes: Christian Louboutin. 


27 Apr

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  We are four days away from showing you something BIG!! Cannot WAIT to show you all what we have for you…because it’s going to be HUGE!!  Just say it with us…‘MAY 1ST!’ 

THINGS: Anna T Fabulous and her Rasputin 4.21 Outfit.

26 Apr

What do thigh high let slits and creepy clown makeup have in common?  Anna T Fabulous’s outfit for Rasputin LA last weekend!  Taking the Spring 2012 leg slit trend to the max, we came up with this little number for last weekend’s Rasputin.  And as always, a tulle bussle for your bum is a MUST.  -annatfabulous :*

top & skirt: H&M, shoes: Miu Miu, bussle: vintage.

By the end of the night, a little extra hair was needed!

Photos via and

PLACES: J. Crew, Vancouver CANADA.

26 Apr

Listen up Vancouver! Yesterday the second Canadian location of J.Crew opened up on Robson St to the public.  Just under 6,000 sq. feet on Robson & Thurlow, J.Crew is the perfect addition to the well-known shopping street of beautiful Vancouver.  A bunch of our Vancouver INASL family (including our friends at KENTON Magazine) were in attendance at the launch party on Tuesday.  Doors were open to the public on Wednesday.  Guess where we will be going during our summer Vancouver visit?

J/Crew’s CEO sweats the small details (via Vancouver Sun)

In other J.Crew news, rumors about the Manolo Blahnik Fall 2012 collaboration has been confirmed not to be happening.  Waaa wa!  Even though Manolos were seen on the feet of the models for the J.Crew Fall 2012 presentation, a publicist for Blahnik citied there were wholesale production restraints, causing the collaboration to be a no-go.  Why, WHY would you tease us like that?? -annatfabulous:*

Photos courtesy of KENTON Magazine and

PLACES: Rasputin Russian Love Machine, Los Angeles USA.

25 Apr

We spent all  last weekend in Los Angeles, and oh emm gee…it was FILLED with glee!! (Was that gross?).  The weekend was PACKED with ridiculous moments, so much so, we’re STILL laughing about it!  Our LA family seriously knows how to hang (and look AMAZING doing it).  But before we get to all the nitty-gritty details, let’s take a moment and jump ahead to Saturday night.  For some of us, this was our first ever visit to RASPUTIN: RUSSIAN LOVE MACHINE. Rasputin was probably the CUTEST party we have ever been to in Los Angeles.  Boys, girls, trans, sparkles, drama and glamour wrapped in one well-heeled, size 0 package.  It was FIERCE.  Rasputin is thrown by our lovely friends Luke Nero and Andres Rigal, who also put on Mr Black LA and Mr Black SF.  Rasputin happens every Saturday, so whatever you were planning on doing this weekend, CHANGE IT and go to Rasputin. TRUST. -annatfabulous :*

Anna T Fabulous, Scott and Tanya

Photos courtesy of Rasputin: Russian Love Machine

SOCIALVIEW: Andrew Wedge and Drew Guyton of Atela.

24 Apr

We got a DOUBLE-view for this week!  Today we talk to Andrew Wedge and Drew Guyton, the brains behind the unreleased fashion label ATELA.  Andrew Wedge also designs for his own fashion label, Andrew Wedge, which he started back in Spring 2008.  Atelle is scheduled to be released next February, and we can’t WAIT to see!! Read on for Andrew and Drew’s People, Places and Things! 



Andrew is mesmerized by Daphne’s uncompromising personal aesthetic and love of fashion.


Tokio 7 is an amazing consignment store where you can find incredible pieces from the likes of Haider Ackermann to Alexander McQueen.  While Andrew was living in NYC, he always made a point to frequently visit Tokio 7 to check out their incredible selection.


Andrew loves how interactive the art form of ‘fashion’ is.  Not only are clients able to wear the art and bring it into their everyday lives, they are also able to translate it to match their own identity.



Costume Designer Eiko Ishioka is not longer with us, but her work still resonates with Drew.  He remembers the first time he watched Bram Stoker’s Dracula: he had no idea what was going on, but he was mesmerized by the costumes.  Drew says he would have loved to have met her and spent time discussing her body of work.


New Orleans is the one place Drew has been itching to go back to.  As a tourist, you tend to get a pretty narrow view of the city, but when Drew went he got to spend some time with the locals and was taken off the typical beaten path.  Drew recommends heading down to Frenchman Street to check out all the jazz clubs.  (Sounds like a dream!!)


We absolutely LOVED this answer.  Call it an obsession, but Drew is always curious about things and having Google on hand for instant research is incredibly convenient.  With fashion design, one search will lead to another possibility and another, and so on.  It’s endless!

Thank you to Andrew and Drew for talking to us this week!  Stay tuned next week for the next SOCIALVIEW (as well as a huge announcement on May 1!)

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